Course code 13 15 0731 20
ECTS credits 3
Course title in the language of instruction
Handel zagraniczny
Course title in Polish Handel zagraniczny
Course title in English
Foreign Trade
Language of instruction Polish
Course level first-cycle programme
Course coordinator dr Robert Stanisławski
Course instructors dr inż. Aleksandra Makowska
Delivery methods and course duration
Lecture Tutorials Laboratory Project Seminar Other Total of teaching hours during semester
Contact hours 30 15 0 45
E-learning No No No No No No
Assessment criteria (weightage) 0.50 0.50 0.00
Course objective
  1. Transfer the knowledge involved in the international trade activity of the enterprises in the context of logistical issues.
  2. Transfer the knowledge in the range of foreign trade transactions, methods of achieving new contacts and realization of the transaction and terms of payment.
  3. Introduction of students to the role of macroeconomic policy and its influence on the development of foreign trade in the context of the enterprises
Learning outcomes
  1. Student will be able to define the basis issues which are involved in the foreign trade
  2. Student will be able to use the Incoterms for the specification of delivery terms.
  3. Student will be able to describe and use documents in the foreign trade
  4. Student will be able to use the techniques of negotiation in the foreign trade.
  5. Student will be able to analise the macroeconomic situation which is influence on the enterprises decision in the foreign market
  6. Student will be able to use and formulate the conditions of contract terms in the foreign trade
Assessment methods
Learning outcome 1 - a written assessment
Learning outcome 2 - preparation of case study
Learning outcome 3 - preparation of case study and written essessment
Learning outcome 4 - preparation of case study and written essessment
Learning outcome 5 - preparation of presentation and written essessment
Learning outcome 6 - preparation of case study and written essessment

A final written essessment (60%), case study (30%) and presentation (10%)
no requirements
Course content with delivery methods
1.Incoterms - rules for determining the terms of delivery in foreign trade:
2.Characteristics of conditioned and unconditional forms of payment in foreign trade,
3. Designation of commercial correspondence (trade letters) for trade,
4. Principles of conducting trade negotiations in international exchange,
5. Determining and specifying the terms of the commercial contract,
6. The types of documents used in foreign trade.

1. Methods of limiting the risk in foreign trade:
2. Types of risks in international trade and ways to protect against them,
3. Insurance in foreign trade,
4. Arbitration in foreign trade,
5. Writing business correspondence (eg offers) with specifying contractual clauses.
6. Carrying out trade negotiations on issues selected by them.
7. The influence of macroeconomic factors on the commercial trend.
8. Country payment balance.
9. Institutions supporting foreign trade.
10. Transport and forwarding in foreign trade.
11. Forms of foreign trade (Organized markets, intermediaries in foreign trade, refining and reparation trade, types of transactions in foreign trade, forms of financing and conducting business activities: franchising, leasing, forfeiting, factoring).
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