Course code 13 15 0310 20
ECTS credits 5
Course title in the language of instruction
Logistyka produkcji
Course title in Polish Logistyka produkcji
Course title in English
Logistics of Production
Language of instruction Polish
Course level first cycle
Course coordinator dr hab. Andrzej Szymonik
Course instructors dr inż. Maciej Bielecki
Delivery methods and course duration
Lecture Tutorials Laboratory Project Seminar Other Total of teaching hours during semester
Contact hours 30 30 0 60
E-learning No No No No No No
Assessment criteria (weightage) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Course objective 1. To familiarize students with tasks and methods used in production processes logistics 2. To familiarize students with connections between systems of production control and logistic tasks. 3. To familiarize students with production logistics support tools and develop the ability of using them.
Learning outcomes
1. Student will be familiar with the gist and range of the production logistics.
2. Student will be able to plan logistic processes in production systems and reserves of production in progress.
3. Student will be familiar with supply cycles.
4. Student will be familiar with the optimization system KANBAN, its logistic implications and with the Just in Time logistic supplies system.
5. Student will be familiar with the Keiretsu and Kazein philosophy and its influence on production logistics.
6. Student will be able to determine the computer aid  of production logistics: MRP II, ERP, OPT, integrated system of production aid CIM.
7. Student will be able to determine elastic production systems, the logistic infrastructure of production.
8. Student will be able to communicate and work in a group.
Assessment methods
1) Written assessment with open questions
2) Group project
3) Written assessment with open questions
4) Group project
5) Assessment containing multiple choice and open-ended questions
6) Group project
7) Written assessment with open questions
8) Group project

Assessment form: test (with open questions) covering practical problems completed during the semester (50%) + project grade (50%).
Credits from courses associated with production processes and logistics steering in enterprise.
Course content with delivery methods
1. Company in the supply chain
2. The essence of production logistics
3. Logistics processes conditions in the company with innovative technologies
4. Production logistics supplies and tasks planning
5. Principles of efficient and effective materials and products flow control
6. Logistics enterprise information system
7. Machine vision as a tool for supporting the logistics of  materials flow in manufacturing processes
8. Packaging in production logistics
9. Internal transport
10. Indicators and measures in production logistics

1. Conditions for the proper enterprises functioning in the supply chain
2. The role and place of production logistics in the company
3. Innovative technologies in modern enterprises
4. Flexible manufacturing systems components affecting logistics processes
5. Operations and sales planning methods
6. Mapping as a tool for the material flow control improvement in production logistics.
7. Modern methods for production control
8. Logistics information system characteristics
9. Packaging and palletizing
10.  Internal transport efficiency evaluation and verification
Basic reference materials
1. Szymonik A., Logistyka produkcji  Procesy Systemy Organizacja, Difin W-wa 2012.
2. Pisz I., Sęk T., Zielecki W., Logistyka w przedsiębiorstwie, PWE W-wa, 2013.
3. Logistyka produkcji Teoria i Praktyka, red. nauk. Fertsch M., Cyplik P., Hadaś Ł., ILiM, Poznań 2010.
Other reference materials
1. Bozarth C., Handfield R. B., Wprowadzenie do zarządzania operacjami i łańcuchem dostaw, Helion, Gliwice 2007.
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