Course code 07 59 1322 20
ECTS credits 2
Course title in the language of instruction
Numerical Methods
Course title in Polish Numerical Methods (Metody numeryczne)
Course title in English
Numerical Methods
Language of instruction English
Course level first cycle
Course coordinator dr inż. Andrzej Brozi
Course instructors dr inż. Andrzej Brozi
Delivery methods and course duration
Lecture Tutorials Laboratory Project Seminar Other Total of teaching hours during semester
Contact hours 15 15 0 30
E-learning No No No No No No
Assessment criteria (weightage) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Course objective Present to the students basic applications of numerical methods to solution of physical problems. Make students familiar with Scilab program.
Learning outcomes
Having passed the course a student is able to:
1. Write simple Scilab programs.
2. Solve systems of algebraic and nonlinear equations.
3. Solve ordinary differential equations.
4. Visualize the results in the form of plots.
Assessment methods
The attainment of learning outcomes 2 and 3 is assessed on the basis of three programs written by students.
The attainment of learning outcome 1 is assessed on the basis of all the programs and the outcome 4 is assessed on the basis of the third program.

Assesment is made on the basis of the programs written by students. The final mark is the average of the marks of individual programs. The necessary condition is positive marks for all the programs.  Mastering of the lecture content is assessed on the basis of programs.
Fundamentals of mathematical analysis and physics.
Course content with delivery methods
- Vector and matrix notation applied to common computation problems – principles of Scilab notation.
- Systems of equations (algebraic and nonlinear), application of Scilab commands to quickly obtain solutions.
- Ordinary differential equations – application of Scilab ode procedure.
- Basic plotting commands – quick visualization of results.
During laboratory classes students will gain practical skills in using Scilab to solve simple numerical problems.
Basic reference materials
Brozi A., Scilab w przykładach, Nakom, Poznań 2007.
Pdf files downloadable from the lecture site.
Other reference materials
Jankowscy J. i M., Przegląd metod i algorytmów numerycznych, WNT, Warszawa,uzupełniająca 1988.Marciniak A., Gregulec D., Kaczmarek J., Podstawowe procedury numeryczne, Nakom, Poznań, 1997.
Kopchenova N.V., Maron I.A., Computational Mathematics, Mir, Moskwa, 1975.
Volkov E.A., Numerical Methods, Mir, Moskwa, 1986.
Kącki E., Małolepszy A., Romanowicz A., Metody numeryczne dla inżynierów, Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki, Łódź 2005.
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Povstenko J., Wprowadzenie do metod numerycznych, Akademicka Oficyna Wydawnicza EXIT, Warszawa 2002.
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