Course code 02 84 4044 00
Number of ECTS points 2
Course title in the language of instruction
Medical Imaging
Course title in Polish Medical Imaging (Obrazowanie medyczne)
Course title in English
Medical Imaging
Language of instruction English
Form of classes
Lecture Tutorials Laboratory Project Seminar Other Total of teaching hours during semester
Contact hours 10 15 0 25
E-learning No No No No No No
Assessment criteria (weightage) 0.50 0.50 0.00
Unit running the course Instytut Elektroniki
Course coordinator prof. dr hab. inż. Michał Strzelecki
Course instructors
Basic knowlegde on medical electronics, image processing and computer graphics, anatomy and physiology.
Course learning outcomes
  1. By the end of this subject student should be able to explain the basic principles of the major medical imaging techniques,
  2. By the end of this subject student should be able to explain the mode of operation and medical applications of the major medical imaging techniques,
  3. By the end of this subject student should be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the major imaging techniques, including potential hazards for patiens,
  4. By the end of this subject student should be able to make use of sample software for displaying and basic processing of biomedica images.
Programme learning outcomes
    Programme content Basic knowlegde on medical imaging methods and devices along with their application in medical diagnosis.
    Assessment methods
    1-3: written exam, evaluation of presentation
    4: lab and project reports
    Grading policies Written assessment, presentation (50%), lab reports/projects (50%)
    Course content LECTURE Quality of the image in medical diagnosis. Endoscopic images. Visualisation of structure of the internal organs and functional imaging. Physical background of imaging based on ionizing radiation. Analog and digital roentgenogrphy, plane imaging. Radioscopy. Tomographic imaging, coputed tomography (CT). Data acquisition and image reconstruction (2D and 3D). Nuclear medicine imaging: bacgrounds, scyntygraphy, SPECT, PET. Physical bacgrounds of nuclear magnetic resonance. Magnetic resonace imaging and its applications. Interpretation of MR images. Ultrasonography. Multimodal imaging. Thermography. Applications of infrared images in medicine. LABORATORY Laboratory is based on Matlab software. Exercisses will include processing and analysis like image enhancement, extraction of useful diagnostic information, evaluation of lossy compression on medical images acquired using different modalities.
    Basic reference materials
    1. E. Carver, B. Carver, Medical Imaging: Techniques, Reflection & Evaluation, Churchill Livingstone, 2006
    2. C. Guy, D. Ffytche, An Introduction to the Principles of Medical Imaging, Imperial College Press, 2005
    Other reference materials
    1. L. Chmielewski, J.L. Kulikowski, A. Nowakowski, redaktorzy. Obrazowanie Biomedyczne. Tom 8 w serii Biocybernetyka i Inżynieria Biomedyczna 2000 pod redakcją Macieja Nałęcza. Akademicka Oficyna Wydawnicza EXIT, Warszawa 2003
    2. A. Nowakowski, Postępy termografii - aplikacje medyczne, Wydawnictwo Gdańskie, Gdańsk 2001
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