Course code 02 53 5176 00
Number of ECTS points 2
Course title in the language of instruction
Algorithms & Data Structures
Course title in Polish Algorithms and Data Structures (Algorytmy i struktury danych)
Course title in English
Algorithms & Data Structures
Language of instruction English
Form of classes
Lecture Tutorials Laboratory Project Seminar Other Total of teaching hours during semester
Contact hours 30 0 30
E-learning No No No No No No
Assessment criteria (weightage) 1.00 0.00
Unit running the course Instytut Elektroniki
Course coordinator dr inż. Marek Kociński
Course instructors prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Materka
Course learning outcomes
  1. -
Programme learning outcomes
  1. null
  2. null
Programme content ...
Assessment methods

Grading policies -
Course content -
Basic reference materials
  1. Slides of the lecture (
Other reference materials
  1. Head First Programming: A Learner's Guide to Programming Using the Python Language by David Griffiths.
  2. Head First Python by Paul Barry.
  3. Python Algorithms: Mastering Basic Algorithms in the Python Language by Magnus Lie Hetland.
  4. Python. Phrasebook. Brad Dyley.
Average student workload outside classroom
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Archival course yes/no no