Course code 07 68 3090 20
ECTS credits 2
Course title in the language of instruction
Final Project Seminar
Course title in Polish Final Project Seminar (Seminarium dyplomowe)
Course title in English
Final Project Seminar
Language of instruction English
Course level second-cycle programme
Course coordinator dr hab. inż. Adam Niewiadomski, dr hab. inż. Aneta Poniszewska-Marańda, prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr Szczepaniak
Course instructors dr hab. inż. Aneta Poniszewska-Marańda
Delivery methods and course duration
Lecture Tutorials Laboratory Project Seminar Other Total of teaching hours during semester
Contact hours 30 0 30
E-learning No No No No No No
Assessment criteria (weightage) 1.00 0.00
Course objective
  1. The purpose of the course is to master the knowledge and skills necessary for preparation and presentation of results obtained during the realization of master diploma thesis.
Learning outcomes
  1. Acquire the information from scientific and technical references, data bases and other sources, integrate and interpret the needed information.
  2. Identify the IT problem considered in master diploma thesis and specify the components of this problem including research ones.
  3. Using correct professional IT language present, explain and discuss the problems considered in master diploma thesis.
  4. Discuss and explain issues related to the IT problems in clear and understandable way for engineers and other technical specialties and perhaps for other members of the society.
  5. To prepare and show the presentation, use the right tools and IT technologies.
Assessment methods
All learning outcomes (1 - 5) are verified by a professor conducting the seminar. The professor marks a student taking into account explanation of research problems, quality of the presentation (at least two), activity during discussion, quality of the spoken and written language and factual preparation.

The choice of the subject of master of diploma thesis confirmed by a supervisor.
Course content with delivery methods
Introduction - a short lecture conducted by a professor concerning the principles and practices of good preparation and realization of master diploma thesis.
Presentations prepared by students (at least one) discussed by the participants. It is recommended that each presentation has a "student-opponent" attached, who offers an alternative solution of the problem formulated in the presentation.
Basic reference materials
  1. Gambarelli, G., Łucki, Z. (1995). Jak przygotować pracę dyplomową lub doktorską. Universitas, Kraków.
  2. Oliver, P. (1999). Jak pisać prace uniwersyteckie. Poradnik dla studentów. Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków.
Other reference materials
  1. Matthews, J.R., Matthews, R.W. (2010). Successful Scientific Writing. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (wyd. IV).
  2. Literatura polecona przez promotora. / References recommended by the supervisor.
Average student workload outside classroom
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