Faculty of Management and Production Engineering

The Faculty of Organization and Management has existed since 1991. Its graduates find their feet very well in the current market realities. Many of them work in renowned Polish and foreign companies, having significant professional successes. It is possible thanks to a unique programme of studies, which is the only one in the Lodz region which combines elements of technical knowledge with managerial issues. 
The Faculty actively cooperates with several foreign universities from across Europe. Students take part in exchange-programmes such as LLP Erasmus, spending a year or half a year studying abroad. On the basis of agreements signed with some foreign universities, students may receive double diplomas.
The teaching staff of the Faculty has a large educational and practical experience, significant scientific achievements and friendly attitude towards students. 
Students are given a lot of possibilities to participate actively in day-to-day life of the Faculty through their representatives in the Faculty Council and its committees, as well as in the activities of the Students Self-Government.
There are many scientific and students organizations, which provide opportunities to build students' knowledge, interests and passions, to participate in conferences and seminars, students exchange programmes, internships in Poland and abroad.
The Faculty's educational offer is complemented by post-graduate studies and training courses. 
The Faculty is teeming with life. Students and teaching staff jointly organize numerous events to integrate. 
The Faculty of Organization and Management has accreditation of the National Committee of Accreditation for Management, Management and Production Engineering courses of studies. First cycle studies of Management are also run in teaching centre in another locations in Sieradz. 
Moreoverour our Faculty's offer includes interfaculty studies of Occupational Safety Engineering (one can find programme presentation on the web page of the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, which is the programme coordinator).