Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry started its educational and scientific activity from the very beginning of our University foundation on 24th May, 1945. Since then is known in Poland, and also worldwide as a strong research center of major scientific and educational achievements.
The research programs of the Faculty cover a wide spectrum of pure and applied scientific areas. The research is run in the research groups working in the frame of 4 institutes and one department being integral parts of the Faculty. A considerable number of research projects is supported by the governmental or European funds.
The educational programs offered by the Faculty are interdisciplinary, what guarantees to prepare professionals who can combine knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, technology and engineering. Graduates of the Faculty are employed in various industries, government and research institutes at home and abroad. Around 6,000 students have graduated from Faculty inception to the present. The Faculty offers first degree courses in Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Environmental Protection, Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology and Building Materials Chemistry, second degree in the fields of Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Environmental Protection and Nanotechnology and a doctoral program in the field of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Find more information on the website of the Faculty www.chemia.p.lodz.pl