Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering was formed in 1956 and consists of: the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning; the Chair of Mechanics of Materials; the Chair of Building Physics and Building Materials; the Chair of Steel Structures; the Chair of Concrete Structures; the Chair of Geotechnics and Engineering Structures; the Chair of Geodesy, Environmental Cartography and Descriptive Geometry; the Chair of Environmental Engineering; the Chair of Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal. The Faculty offers education on four study courses: Civil Engineering (since 1956); Architecture and Urban Planning (since 1973); Interiour Design (since 2008); Environmental Engineering (since 1969). The studies are available at three levels: the first two as the full-time and extramural, and the third one as the fulltime PhD studies. 
The Faculty offers additional postgraduate courses, adapted to the current demands of the Construction Industry and Market. 
The integration of different areas of studies is an asset of the Faculty, because thanks to this the graduates are prepared to undertake all responsibilities connected with the design, construction and maintenance of buildings.
The Faculty has the 1st category in The Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranking. The courses - Civil Engineering as well as Architecture and Urban Planning have accreditation of The National Accreditation Commission and Environmental Engineering will be evaluated by The National Accreditation Commission for the first time ever in 2009. 
Until 2008 The Faculty graduated 7417 MSc and 2109 BSc at all courses.
The research - teaching staff has 200 university teachers including among others 10 awarded with professorship, 21 associate professors, 5 PhD Ds , 80 PhDs adjuncts, 20 assistants. In order to meet the needs of the syllabus we hire around 30 experts from outside of the University, including 2 visiting professors from abroad. 
The Faculty has two accredited research labs: The Construction and Building Materials Physics Laboratory, and The Construction and Building Materials Research Laboratory, as well as two research laboratories of regional importance: The Soil and Civil Engineering Mechanics Laboratory and The Environment Protection and Engineering Laboratory. 
Students at the Faculty participate in research conducted at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning and at the individual departments. This allows the students to expand their knowledge with topics which are not included in the syllabus, and prepare them for future careers. The students of Architecture and Urban Planning take part in architectural and urban planning competitions, collecting many awards, in Poland and other countries. Students of all courses attend student research groups presenting the results of their research during seminars and in publications. They also participate in conferences organized by the Faculty. 
The graduates of The Faculty of Civil  Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering have no trouble in finding work in various areas - as designers, engineers, site managers, investment administrators ordesign office workers. They are valued as being professionals in the country, and many of them find good jobs all around the world.